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"Cycling adventure Laos - explore the nature reserve in northern Laos - cruise Mekong river to LuangPrabang - see dramatic karst scenery surrounding a 7km long cave - uplands with tribal villages of southern Laos "

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Cycling Laos - Phonsavan to PhouKhoun
Cycling Laos - Plain of Jars - Phonsavan

Up the mountains near PhouKhoun - Longmiang summit of +1,520 m

Cycling Laos - MuangMok to Thasi
Cycling the historical HCM Trail

Touring Laos from Phonsavan to Siphandon. Following the historical Ho Chi Minh trails in Laos.

Climb higher into the mountain ranges through Hmong villages till you reach remote Sam Neua, see the shelter in huge caverns in ViengXai. En route to NamNeun stands Suan Hin – the ancient megaliths of highland Laos.

Upcoming Tours & Destination

  • Cycling Luangprabang to Phonsavan
  • Luangprabang to Hanoi
  • Northern Laos
  • LuangNamTha to Luangprabang
  • ChiangKhong – Huayxai – NamTha – Udomxai – Luangprabang
  • Pakse to Attapeu KonTum Vietnam
Cycling around the Plain of Jars - Phonsavan
Cycling Laos - Plain of Jars site 3
Cycling Laos - PhouKhun to Kiewkachamn
Cycling MuangKham to Phonsavan