Cycling Thailand to Laos – ChiangKhong Huayxai Luangprabang 5 days

Scenery from Hatgna to PakOu cave

Cycling Thailand to Laos – ChiangKhong – Huayxai – LuangNamTha – Udomxai – NongKhiaw – Luangprabang 5 Days

Tour Code: JTL-Northern Laos

Day 1: ChiangKhong – HuyaXai – Muang Viengphoukha (L,D)
If you are traveling from northern Thailand to Laos you will cross at the Chiang Khong / Huay Xai border, arriving in the very north of Laos. There is a good way to cycle through the northern mountains Laos to Luangprabang. It’s relaxing, beautiful, and a cultural experience.

8:00 AM, border crossing from Chiangkhong to Huayxai, our guide will pick you up and we start cycling to Muang Vieng Phoukha today.
The first 30km out side Huayxai will be on good paved road and not hilly. At Ban Nam Ngao, we keep right on hw3 and start a short climb ~ 5 km to summit +760m. Then we have about 30 km on undulating mountain road to DonChai market. This is a nice ride through several villages of Latan tribe. The forest on left side of the road belong to the nature reserve of BoKeo province, home of the gibbon ! (Gibbon experience tree house in this area) We have a break at DonChai market, then we have a challenge climb on 20 km mountain pass from +550 m to summit of +1,045 m, passing border between Bokeo and LuangNamTha province. We have a photo stop at Nam Phae scenic vew point, then we enjoy a 25 km down hill to Muang Viengphoukha. Overnight Thongmyxai GH.
Cycling ~ 120km.

Day 2: Muang Viengphoukha – LuangNamTha (B, L, D)
The first 10 km outside the town to Nam Eng village is very gentle road. After NamEng, we will see Kao Rao cave, local Kh’mu called “Oung Kao Rao”, although the common name is Tham Kao Rao. The cave is huge, we can explore about 700 m deep on slippery road inside. Lots of interesting rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites. However, on a bicycle tour, we only stop for a coffee break, then we climb about 3 km more to B. PhouLan at the summit +795 m. The next 15 km descending to Thase is beautiful with scenery of Nam ngeen river and NamHa national bio – diversity conservation area.
We have steep climb 6 km up to NamHa park at elevation of 825 m, there is a trekking path to Phouvan – village of Latan and Hmong tribe. Then we enjoy 16 km down hill and keep on flat road to LuangNamTha. 
 Overnight at Zuela Guesthouse.
Cycling ~ 60 km.

Day 3: LuangNamTha – Udomxai (B, L, D)
First stage 36 km to NaTeuy on a winding road along the Nam thoung river. At Nateuy, we will cycle on hw 13 with more traffic connecting to China border Boten in the north. Our second stage is a 30 km rolling hills at 700 m elevation south east to NaMor town. There is a Tai dam ethnic village at Ban Houalouang that we can have a quick stop to visit. After that, we keep cycling to NaMor market area for lunch break.
In the afternoon, we climb up the pass about 12 km to the top at +1,100 m elevation. Then we enjoy next 20 km descend and on flat road to Udomxai town. Overnight at Keoseumsak GH
Cycling ~ 116 km.

Day 4: Udomxai – Nongkhiaw (B, L, D)
This is a long day with challenge mountain passes through the tropical forest. We will warm up 6 km outside the town, then the mountain stage begins.
First climb 5 km up hill we pass by a waterfalls over a limestone cliff into a Nam beng tributary. Then we keep on climb about 12 km more to the first summit at +1,248 m elevation. After this point, it’s time to relax our leg by 10 km descend road through Hmong villages living along the way. The second climb will be 18 km on winding road to the top.
Above all the hard effort, there is a nice rest top at this summit +1,310 m elevation. Luch break at Ban SongCha, then we have about 27 km all the way down to Pakmong little town, the junction of hw13 and hw1C. From Pakmong junction, we keep on 30 km on flat road to Nongkhiaw. Overnight at Phoulisak guesthouse.
Cycling distance ~ 110km.  

Day 5: NongKhiaw – Luangprabang (B, L, D)        
After breakfast, we have a short walk to the boat landing for a nice cruise on NamOu river. This is a nice cruise down the NamOu hydro lake about 2 hours to PakNga village. On arrival PakNga, we mount on our bike and ride 48 km to Hatgna village. As long as you pass NamOu bridge on hw13, there is a right turn to a 10 km dirt road to PakOu.
Eventhough road condition was bad year after year, it was a nice track along the Nam Ou river. Until we reach PakOu, we take a quick boat over mekong river to visit Pak Ou cave, then we get back for a lunch break at a local restaurant. Late afternoon, we keep cycling 30 km to Luangprabang. Overnight in Luangprabang. 
Cycling ~  88 km.

Thanks for taking the tour Cycling Thailand to Laos – ChiangKhong to Luangprabang with us.

Tour Quotation:

  • Solo: 1,635 USD.
  • 2 to 3 persons: 1,000 USD/person.
  • 4 to 5 persons: 650 USD/person.
  • 6 to 7 persons: 540 USD/person.
  • 8 persons up :  480 USD/person.
  • Single supplement: $150

Services Included:

  • Transportation support: Tuk tuk / Songtheaw van.
  • English speaking Tour Guide
  • Accommodation: 4 nights Hotel /GH twin share or double.
  • Meals: 4 Breakfast, 5 Lunch, 4 Dinner.
  • drinking water for cycling, snack.
  • Bicycle rental.
  • Boat cruise Nongkhiaw to PakNga

Not Including:

  • Laos VISA
  • Insurance.
  • Alcohol drinks.
  • Tips.
  • Hotel in Luangprabang (pls let us know if you need hotel reservation).
Hoayxai view from ChiangKhong Thailand
Hoayxai view from ChiangKhong Thailand
Lantan children in LuangNamTha - source
Lantan children in LuangNamTha - source
Khoui women in LuangNamTha - source
Khoui women in LuangNamTha - source
Cruise NamOu river from NongKhiaw to PakNga
Cruise NamOu river from NongKhiaw to PakNga
PakNga bridge to NamOu dam
PakNga bridge to NamOu dam
Scenery from Hatgna to PakOu cave
Scenery from Hatgna to PakOu cave
Cruise NamOu river from PakNga to Nongkhiaw
Cruise NamOu river from PakNga to Nongkhiaw